Shadow Systems
Shadow Systems

We're an Information Security Collective. Welcome to the madness. Follow us on Twitter, SoundCloud, and LobsterTell. LobsterTell isn't a real thing, but it's believable, isn't it? That's really sad.



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Shadow Systems



The Shadow Systems crew are apart of various projects within the community. The following portfolio does not imply that these projects are exclusive to Shadow Systems, or our original projects- we simply have some hand in participating in some way.

Cryptoparty Ann Arbor

Zandi organized and leads the Cryptoparty for Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Dallas Hackers Association

Tinker and WhiskeyNeon are Co-Organizers of DHA, following the leadership of Wirefall. DHA is a monthly meetup group that hosts a mini-hacker con every single month in Dallas, Texas.
Music from DHA:
You can find all of the music and videos from DHA at piracy is art.