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Shadow Systems

We're an Information Security Collective. Welcome to the madness. Follow us on Twitter, SoundCloud, and LobsterTell. LobsterTell isn't a real thing, but it's believable, isn't it? That's really sad.



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Shadow Systems

About Shadow Systems


Shadow Systems is a collective of hackers who share a common view on the state of information security- it sucks. We hope to change that.
There are various projects we contribute to, and if you are interested in what we are working on, please feel free to jump in.


blackmath All American Beef Eating Champion. @haxcidental
Mr. Chin Happily enraged with the world. @ragechin
ozzy In the mountains. Nubian princess.
polygon Ginger. That's about it.
PurpleJesus He can handle plumbing like no one else.
R41nM4kr Makes it rain on these (security) ho(le)s. @R41nM4kr
Tinker Has a beard and a backpack from Microcenter. @TinkerSec
WhiskeyNeon Dust bunny habitat creator. 1/34th Jew. @WhiskeyNeon
wirefall Beard stroker. Infosec quote generator. @DHAhole
Zandi Amazing. @the_zandi